Electricians List

Frank Vasquez

Aztec Electric

Stephen Palmer Electric (John Wallace):
301-493-2590(main), 301-537-7560(cell),

Echo Electric (Rob Medley)
(301) 949-8050(main), (240) 793-8335(cell)

YOHO Electrical Services
Joseph Yoho (Principal)
(301) 473-1581 (Cell Phone)

Illuminations does not provide installation.
Illuminations is not responsible for errors made in installation.
Illuminations is not responsible for existing architectural elements.
Illuminations strongly recommends that clients receive an electrical consultation
from a qualified, licensed electrician before purchasing fixtures.


PLEASE NOTE: Illuminations is no longer able to offer repairs.  Unfortunately, our Studio space does not allow us to have an area, nor the equipment to properly perform lighting repairs.  Please contact a local repair shop, below, to set up a visit.  If you are in need of getting parts for any of our fixtures, we would be happy to help you.