Tom Rodgers Lighting Project
Alexandria, Virginia

Lighting Concept: Quinn Murph @ Illuminations Georgetown
Site by: Lewis Irving @ Illuminations Georgetown

The following pages represent our recommendations for fixtures and fixture placement. Please review this plan with your electrician before placing your order.

Mission   To replace existing light fixtures with ones that are more up to date and that respect the architecture and correspond to the aesthetic preferences of the homeowner; to add fixtures that are well suited to creating dramatic and emotional lighting effects, as well as being technically suited for illuminating artwork and architectural and landscaping details; to employ fittings that are discreet but interesting when viewed up close; to allow for maximum flexibility to meet the changing needs of the home.

The overall lighting plan considers how you experience the light as you enter various spaces. The emphasis is on contrasts of light and shadow, giving the eye places to rest, and creating an enveloping sense of magic – even when all lights are at maximum intensity.

To download the spec sheets for each product, click on its photo.